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People often ask me how I get everyone to appear so natural in my photographs. The simple answer is just that – everyone is natural.  I use all the abundant light, great landscapes and beaches that Florida has to offer, so that my images look genuine without artificial light and over the top enhancements. With many years of experience as a Fort Myers professional photographer of people, I create images of happiness and joy.

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I’m Frank Simonetti and I’ve been a part of people’s major life moments as a Florida wedding and family portrait photographer for over twenty-five years. In addition to Fort Myers Beach photography, some of my favorite photo locations are on Sanibel, Captiva and Marco Island.


“It’s not about the photographs, it’s about how you feel when you look at the photographs”

Marco Island family photo

Wedding and Family Photographer

My images capture real people being themselves. I’m not trying to impress you with my Photoshop skills. My goal as your Fort Myers Photographer, is to create classic images of true joy that will stand the test of time. Are you looking for a wedding ceremony and reception location? View this blog post of a recent Wedding on Captiva Island. The ceremony was at the Chapel by the Sea. I arrived early to find best backgrounds for pictures and found no indication of hurricane damage.

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These enchanting islands are a haven of pretty beaches and palm trees with an exquisite quality of light. Visitors may not notice the gentle changing of the Fort Myers seasons, but I can see them reflected in the colors and saturation in my Sanibel and Captiva Islands photography.

Family Photo Sessions

It’s so much fun bringing generations together for a family portrait on Sanibel Island when they are in the Fort Myers area. Visit this Sanibel Island Family Photography post for a great variety of Florida style backgrounds for family photo sessions. Most of the pictures were taken at the Sanibel Lighthouse. Families are so excited and happy on their vacation. Sometimes they are seeing grandparents and cousins for the first time in years. Parents are all smiles, and kids are thrilled to be a part of this special family event. Kids are comfortable and creative during family portrait sessions. They have a blast showing their personalities and their excitement brings a lively energy to the whole group. The families treasure these captured family photo session memories of a blissful time together.

Naples Wedding and Family Photographer

As you are planning your Southwest Florida wedding venue, here are 5 great reasons for a wedding ceremony in Naples. Maybe you are not looking for a typical wedding with a reception? Then you might check out my Elopement page which has some details on how to plan a special adventure for two.

Family photography on Captiva Island has quiet beaches facing west for colorful sunset photography. For Marco Island photography, there are great beaches where children play in the sand and parents are relaxed while we capture the natural light photography. Some families I have photographed multiple times over the years, take a look at this Captiva Family Photo Session with photographs of the same family in 2007 and recently in 2020.

Beach Photo Sessions at Sunset

Many families want a professional photographer for their family photo sessions at sunset. So, over the years, I’ve found how to put together the right elements to make these photos glow. If weather won’t cooperate, I still make it work. Summer thunderstorms bring a level of excitement to the air, and I capture some of my most interesting images in the post-rain light. Locations that might have driftwood along the seashore are a great find. Additionally, I see the soft tones of the weathered wood create a rich display of color and texture. The driftwood also serves as a pleasant prop for a family portrait. Vacation time on Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach is a great opportunity for a family photo session with your children and grandchildren.

With 25+ years as a Fort Myers Photographer, my passion continues for bringing out your best. In addition to my wedding and family photography, my work includes creating advertising and editorial images managed and licensed by Getty Stock Agency. To reserve me for your Fort Myers area wedding and family portraits, call or email Frank Simonetti.

Experience: Family in the photography business since 1946

Education: Art Institute of Boston