portrait of woman on captiva island

Captiva Island family portraits

Captiva Island family portraits

portrait of little girl on captiva islandJohn and Judy Little called me to make Captiva Island family portraits of their children and grandchildren. We met late in the afternoon on this weekday in June. John and Judy wanted photographs with the combined families and individual family photography. The families were staying at a beautiful home on Andy Rosse Lane on Captiva Island. I was first met at the door by Jordan, see her picture! 🙂 The family had just begun to bake a large pan of lasagna. They said it would be ready in just over one hour. I told them ‘no problem’, we will be done by then. 🙂 So we went outside to the nicely landscaped property and began our group family photographs. Oh, this was going to be a fun family photo session, Gabrielle came up to me and asked if she could ‘photobomb’ her grandparents! Of course you can! I photographed the kids; Elle, Mackenzie, Jackson and Jordan with their grandparents. We then walked up Andy Rosse Lane to the beach. The sky looked pretty good for a nice sunset. The beach was busy, so we walked south to an area where we could create some posed family photographs without swimmers in the background. While I was photographing one family, the other families were picking up seashells and just enjoying the beautiful weather at their Captiva Island family portraits session. Soon the sun was with a warm glow over the horizon. We continued our photo session until the sun set. Just as we were finishing I remembered the lasagna in their oven and looked at my watch… we did the shoot in perfect time! We walked back down Andy Rosse lane with many tourists who were leaving the beach after the sunset. Shown here are some of my favorite images we created of John and Judy’s Captiva Island family portraits. read more about author/photographer

Captiva Island family portraits
Joyful photo of grandchildren with grandparents on Captiva Island

husband an wife pose for photo siblings pose for photo on captiva island mom, dad and daughter family photo

Captiva Island family portraits
Three generation family photo taken on Captiva Island

dad and children photo

grandkids on captiva beach

family photo on captiva beach
couple picture on beach


girl draws in the sand on captiva beach
children photobomb family photo

children jump on captiva beach
Children have fun on the beach during family photo session

family photo on beach

family photo at sunset on beach