Events Photographer

Corporate Events Photographer

For over twenty years I have enjoyed my work as a corporate events photographer in Fort Myers and Marco Island. These destination business events combine the serious meetings during the day and fun beach parties in the evening. It is interesting to watch the attendees in their dress clothes during the corporate seminars and then all relaxed during the evening beach events. For the past couple of years, I photographed a Steel Company from China and their sales meetings with their American sales staff on Marco Island. During the day they have educational meetings and in the evening there might be a company awards ceremony and other recognition events. Usually photographs begin with the opening night arrival cocktail hour and dinner. The next day I might be photographing different smaller groups in their meetings.

Fort Myers Events Photography

Photographing people from other countries can be a language barrier challenge, but I have found a ‘smile’ is understood in all languages.  So, I have photographed golf events with and company meetings showing a formal group photograph and an easy, beach style photo. Marco Island has very nice destination hotel resorts for company meetings. The Fort Myers International Airport is conveniently located 45 miles north on I-75. In Fort Myers, there are also nice hotels with large occupancy meeting facilities.  Shown here are several different events I have photographed in Fort Myers and Marco Island as a corporate events photographer.