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Engaged on Sanibel Island Beach

Surprise Engagement Photo Session

Tim called me a few weeks ago and said he was planning to get engaged on Sanibel Island beach with his girlfriend, Olivia. We talked about what his ideas were and I shared some thoughts of what I thought might work. They were visiting Sanibel Island for a winter vacation from New Jersey. We agreed that a beach setting would work the best. The time was set for an hour prior to sunset. I told Tim I would be on the beach pretending to be photographing seashells.

engaged on Sanibel Island beach
Engagement Photograph on Sanibel Island

Thistle Lodge Restaurant for Celebration Dinner

We talked about ideas for their dinner and I suggested Thistle Lodge Restaurant, which is a great venue for weddings on Sanibel. This is where my daughter’s wedding was 3 years ago. The restaurant is located at the Casa Ybel Resort, on Mid Gulf Drive, Sanibel. It has a great view overlooking the Gulf with a sunset view. The weather on February 5 was pleasant, just a light wind and partly sunny skies. I have photographed other couples who were engaged on Sanibel Island Beach. So, I was ready and on the beach at the waters edge checking out the seashells with my telephoto camera lens. I saw Tim and Olivia approaching some 200 feet away. They came closer and Tim told Olivia to turn around and face the Gulf of Mexico because he wanted to take some pictures of her.

couple is engaged on Sanibel Island beach
Engaged on Sanibel Island Beach

I watched Tim take the ring from his pocket and kneel down. He asked Olivia to turn around…well the pictures below tell the rest of the story!

Plan a Fort Myers Elopement

Ok, so you saw this fun, surprise engagement on Sanibel Island, now visit this page for information on eloping in Fort Myers and Sanibel Island. The beaches and islands are a great venue for your wedding!

Engaged couple walk on Sanibel beach at sunset.
Sunset walk on Sanibel Island Beach