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Engagement Photo Session

Beach Engagement Photography

This engagement photo session took place in May of 2024. Michael and Anisa came from the east coast of Florida for an enjoyable weekend at the Tween Waters Resort. They were recently engaged and chose Captiva Island for their engagement photo session.

engagement ring photo

Since the hurricane of 2 years ago, there is so much new and fresh green tropical growth on Captiva Island. The newly engaged couple had dinner reservations for 8:30pm at the Old Captiva House Restaurant.

Photography of Engagement Celebration

So, we started the photo session on the colorful property of Tween Waters. I told Michael the photo session would be about one hour. As usual, I arrived 45 minutes early to walk around and find the best backdrops. The property is very colorful and historic. It is between the Gulf of Mexico and the bayside of Captiva Island.

newly engaged couple
Engagement Photographer
engaged couple
Beach Photo Session

Poses for Engagement Photo Session

When the couple arrived at 7pm, we started photos with a colorful cabin as the backdrop. Michael and Anisa were very comfortable as they posed together. However, as I viewed them, it was as not as if they were posing, they were just being natural together. Therefore, the pictures were very natural in appearance.

engagement photo session
Sunset Photos of Engagement Day

Engagement Photo Session at Sunset

Michael and Anisa were due at the restaurant for their 8:30 dinner reservation. I try to keep photo sessions at an hour or so. However, I do not precisely watch the clock! With many years of photographing people, I realize each photo session can have unique situations. It was now a few minutes before 8pm. The weather for our photo session this evening so far was cloudy and gray. As I looked towards the ocean, I saw a break in the thick cloud cover.

I told this lovely couple there was a good chance for a stunning sunset if they were willing to be photographed a little longer, they happily agreed. We stayed on the beach and waited for the sun to drop through the opening in the clouds. Certainly, it was a great sunset! Michael and Anisa had a few minutes to freshen up and then off to their celebration dinner!

sunset silhouette
sunset engagement photo
Engagement Photo at Sunset