Engagement Photography Session

engagement photo session

couple are photographed at engagement on beach

Engagement Photography Session

Jake planned this surprise engagement photography session for his fiancé for over a month.  Jake texted me about his plans to surprise Kelly with a ring when they were visiting Sanibel Island in July. The day of the engagement photography session we had a typical thunderstorm in the afternoon. So the beach had a soft glow without harsh contrast. This made for great lighting for joyful portraits showing this couple’s love and emotions. Jake and Kelly were high school sweethearts and later graduated from the University of Kentucky together. They always knew they would marry someday. Kelly hoped Jake would present the engagement ring sometime in the fall. So Jake figured it would be great to surprise Kelly with the ring when she would not expect it. Jake also remembered over the years they have been together that Kelly wanted her family to be there for a celebration. Kelly also wanted an engagement photography session for memories of this joyful event.

Joyful couple at a surprise engagement on Sanibel Island!

Update: Kelly and Jake just celebrated their wedding at the Lexington Country Club in Fort Myers!


Engagement Photography on Sanibel Island

To make this all happen, Jake planned a weekend visit to the Casa Ybel Resort for Kelly’s surprise. He told their families the ‘when and where’ all this would happen. So the family quietly began to gather at the fun pool bar at Casa Ybel Resort. I was on the beach pretending to photograph birds and sea shells. The plan was for Jake to walk the beach with Kelly. When he got down on his knees with the ring, it was my signal to run up to them and start the engagement photography session. So it happened and I ran! Jake and Kelly were considerably further away than I expected. Fortunately, I had a telephoto lens on my camera. 🙂 I began making images from a distance and arrived just as they started hugging. Soon Kelly’s brother and girlfriend arrived and shared in the joyful moments. We then walked around the beautiful Casa Ybel Resort for the great photo opportunities it provides. The sea oats were in bloom and looked great as feature for this engagement photography session. Under the clusters of sea oats were these violet colored flowers just growing wild along the sandy beach.

engagement photography on sanibel happy couple are engaged on sanibel beach

Thistle Lodge on Sanibel Island

Thistle Lodge Restaurant is popular for weddings and family reunions. The restaurant is conveniently located at Casa Ybel Resort. The dining room overlooks the ocean with a well maintained green lawn leading to the beach. When we finished the photography session, Kelly and Jake walked to the pool bar and were greeted by their families who gathered for this surprise engagement. After hugs and a photo opportunity, they all went into the Thistle Lodge Restaurant for a celebration dinner. Shown here are some of my favorite photographs we created for this engagement photography session. read more about author/photographer.

photography of engagement on sanibel
happy couple engaged on sanibel beach
happy couple are engaged

happy cpuple are engaged

couple are engaged on beach
Sweet photo of couple just engaged on Sanibel Island

couple are engaged on sanibel beach

happy couple get engaged
Just engaged couple sit and kiss on Sanibel beach

engagement on Sanibel

dinner at thistle lodge
Friends and family celebrate couple’s marriage engagement at Casa Ybel Resort