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Family Photo Session Colors

Family Photos with Vibrant Colors

In spring of 2024, I photographed the Sheppard family with 3 generations together and individually as family. I immediately noticed their chosen family photo session colors! Ok, now look at the family photos below, their expressions are as vibrant as their choice of colors for the photos!

family photographers
Vibrant Colors!

Family Photos Composition

I arrived 30 minutes early as I usually do for family photo sessions to look for best backgrounds at that location. We first created some pictures in the green area of the resort they were staying at. The calm, green background pictures included grandparents and grandchildren. Then each family and the children individually. When we were ready for more sunny day pictures, granddad prepared the golf cart, and the girls enjoyed the ride to the beach.

Color Schemes for Family Photos

Often, I am asked about clothes and colors that are best for family photo sessions. As a Florida photographer for over 25 years, my family photo sessions are usually with green landscaped backgrounds. After some photos against the beautiful Florida tropical colors, I make additional pictures are captured on the sandy beaches.

family photo session colors
Vibrant Family!

My first comment when asked about what might be best is to avoid the usual colors from up north. I do not recommend deep reds, browns and tans. These colors look nice against the brown forests in the north, not for the vibrant greens and blue waters of Florida.

family photographers
Off to the beach!
vacation photo session
Vibrant colors for Family Photo Session

Vibrant Colors for family session

Certainly, the Florida sun amplifies the colors of clothing and the tropical landscape. Generally speaking, if in doubt, khaki shorts, with colorful tops work well. I asked Mrs. Sheppard what inspired her to choose these vibrant colors for the family photo session… Here are a few things she said:

family pictures