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We started Joshua’s family photo session with pictures of the children since they were in such a great mood. Well actually, they were promised ‘a lot’ of ice cream if they cooperated for their pictures. Joshua and his family were vacationing in the Fort Myers area. They have family that live in Southwest Florida and were happy to visit.

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For over 25 years I have photographed families in Fort Myers, Sanibel and Marco Island. Most families want a sunset family photo session. So, I suggest that we meet an hour before sunset. This works well in winter months when sunset around 6pm. Sometimes in the summer, families will choose an afternoon photo session to avoid the later hour sunset of 8:30pm with their littlest children.

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There is so much green landscaping in Southwest Florida. After the hurricane, I find that there is new and vibrant growth of trees and tropical plants. So, children enjoy seeing the colors and different landscaping especially if they are from up north. Most children like to walk along the beach barefoot.

Family Photo session on the beach

After I made pictures of the children in the green landscaped area, we walked to the beach. The sun was getting lower, which allows the children to be photographed without the harsh bright light from the sun. The children sat down on the beach and began playing with sand buckets and shovels. I never met children who didn’t enjoy playing in the sand! As it was getting later, this lovely family walked along the beach, in the water. It was mellow moments for the children after 45 minutes of being photographed. Finally, the sun set, and Joshua’s family happily walked to their home for the ice cream that was promised!

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