family poses on sanibel beach

family portraits

family photo together on sanibel island vacation

family poses for vacation photo on sanibel island








family together on sanibel vacation fun brother and sister photo on sanibel vacation







family portraits

family portrait at sanibel beach









Family portraits on Sanibel Island

Jill, Tim and their three children arrived from Minnesota for their vacation on Sanibel Island in May. I photographed the children Tyler, Josie and Myles together and again with their parents. It was a great shoot on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Here is what Jill said about their vacation…”my family has been traditionally visiting the Sanibel area for many years. The family portraits memories we create here are priceless. Tyler, our oldest son, loves to learn new things about the wonders of the ocean! My daughter Josie has a love for the ocean creatures. The beauty of the dolphin always brings smiles to her face. They both enjoy playing in the waves together. The sound of their laughter is contagious.

My baby Myles is a blessing to us all. The curiosity and wonder he has amazes us all. He has a love for shells on Sanibel Island already! The birds on the beach bring happiness to his little smile. My husband and I love the memories we make here with our family. What a gift to visit beautiful Sanibel Island!” Sincerely, Jill, Tim, Tyler, Josie and Myles.

In just under one hour we made some posed and action images on this early morning day. Shown here are some of my favorite images we captured for this family portrait…

PS…..yes that is Josie putting a shell on Myles head (bottom left photo) 🙂



older brother and sister with new baby brother on sanibel vacation  family portraits










family poses on sanibel beach  mom and new baby boy on sanibel beach








family plays with shells on beach family collects sea shells on sanibel island