family poses for photo on seashore

Family reunion on Captiva Island

Family vacation on Captiva Island

family poses for photo on seashore

Andre married Cindy on New Years Eve on Captiva Island. I was their photographer for the intimate wedding ceremony. It was planned that a few days later they would have a family reunion on Captiva Island with children and grandchildren. We started the photography while they were staying at the Captiva Island Inn. As sunset was about to happen, we walked to the beach which was a quick walk up the road. Patricia Slater performed the ceremony on the beach at the end of Andy Rosse Lane. Patricia knew the perfect location on the beach, since she has been performing weddings on Captiva Island for over 30 years.

Family Reunion on Captiva Island

So the newlyweds enjoyed some time alone on the island. Just a few days later family arrived for their family reunion on Captiva Island to enjoy the wedding celebration. They all stayed together in a beautiful home in ‘downtown Captiva’. I arrived again in the morning to photograph Andre, Cindy with their children and grandchildren. The vacation home was well designed so we began photos in the courtyard by the swimming pool.

Family Portraits

The kids enjoyed watching each of the four families be photographed. They actually assisted in getting the smaller children to smile! We then walked out to Andy Rosse lane and photographed each family along the well landscaped sidewalk. We slowly made our way to the beach and walked to the north of the well-known Mucky Duck Restaurant.  The beach wasn’t too busy this early in the morning so we had a great time with a large part of the beach to ourselves. The kids enjoyed jumping away from the large waves that were crashing onto the beach. I photographed each of the four families walking along the surf. I few times I saw Andre and Cindy with their grandchildren just talking and picking up seashells, this made for some great pictures.

family reunion on Captiva Island
Family Reunion photograph on Captiva Island beach

children with mom and dad photo

happy family photo on captiva island

childen walk along Andy Rosse lane

family poses for portrait on Captiva Island

children pose for family photo

photo of grandparents and kids
children pose for family photo


mom and dad play with children on beach

girls only photo at family photo session

children stand in ocean shoreline on captiva island

Captiva Family Portrait with grandparents