Fort Myers family photographer

Family photo session

The Simadis family called me to be their Fort Myers family photographer for their vacation in June. The family has been coming to Fort Myers beach area since 1987. They really enjoy all the activities the area provides. They have been busy with their family-owned business just outside of Chicago. So, this was their first family vacation in five years. Our plan was to meet for their family photography session on Fort Myers Beach. Mrs. Simadis called me on her cell phone to say they just arrived at the beach. They said they were in a white GMC. I looked around as I sat waiting in my car and we all laughed as we were side by side in the parking lot! 🙂

family photograph in Fort Myers
Fort Myers Beach Photographer

As I looked to the horizon, I saw the afternoon rain showers coming our way. So, we waited a short time for the showers to pass. Michelle and Eric are the children of Chris and Carol. Also joining us for their Fort Myers family photography session was Michael, the boyfriend of Michelle. We began with some pictures of Michelle and Eric and then added their parents into the image.

family picture session in Fort Myers
Fort Myers Family Photo

We were about one hour from sunset and the sky was full of interesting clouds as the storm passed to the north. The rain and clouds increased the color saturation. So, this Fort Myers family photo session was providing some interesting images.

family photo session on Fort Myers Beach
Family Photo Session

Fort Myers family photography

For over twenty years, I have provided Fort Myers family photography for clients from all over the United States. On this day, I had an idea this sky was going to provide some nice colors in the lingering clouds. We walked around looking for interesting backdrops. A shrimp boat was passing by which provided a nice background on the beach.

family photo session
Family Photo Session

I photographed Michelle and her boyfriend Michael a few times as the family took a rest and enjoyed the sunset colors that were reflecting on the low clouds. In the last twenty minutes before sunset, we had golden sky and great sunset colors reflecting on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Shown here are some of my favorite images I created during this Fort Myers family photography session.

family picture
Family Photo on Fort Myers Beach