January 17, 2020
family jumps in water at sunset

Marco Beach Family Photography

marco beach family photography

Family photo session on Marco Beach

The Yoder family arrived for their Marco Beach family photography session in June. We began the family portrait on a nicely landscaped green area on Collier Boulevard. The children were terrific and were just their natural selves. They enjoyed the moment when their parents, Brian and Michele ‘kissed’. see photo 🙂 The children did their own thing for some of the photos with nicely colored flowering tree as a backdrop. Since it was a day in early June, we had some storm clouds approaching from the east. So we planned to make most of the photographs on the green lawn in case the storm caused this Marco Beach family photography session to be shortened. We were happy with what we captured on the lawn. We then quickly walked to the ocean to hopefully capture some water images in our photography session. It didn’t look like a sunset was going to happen. So we captured photos with the grey sky. Soon the sky cleared enough for sunlight to come through and they whole sky lit up with amazing colors. We continued with family and individual children photos. The sunset on this evening became one of the top twenty I have ever photographed.

Marco Beach Family Photography

For over twenty years I have created family photography sessions on Marco Island.  This was a sunset that went on and on as the clouds reflected the great colors around the horizon. We captured photos with the sun and colors as a backdrop. Then the family posed in silhouette against the brilliant sunset colors. We went a little longer in our family photo session and the children were so patient. I told them since they were so good for the photography session, their parents were giving them a special treat of whatever they wanted the next day 🙂 Shown here are some of my favorite images we captured for this Marco Beach family photography session. about photographer/author

family photo on marco island

family photo on marco island

marco island family photographyboy has fun during photo session

family portrait

girl has fun during photo sessionmarco beach family photographybrother and sister photo on beach

family looks at shells on marco island
brother and sister photo

family photo at sunset
Family photo on Marco Island at sunset

family photo at sunset


girl practices ballet in ocean
Young girl makes a ballet step at sunset on Marco Island beach