children sit together for marco island photo session

Marco Island family portrait

children stand together for photo session

Marco Island Family Portrait

I received a call from Carol to create a Marco Island family portrait of her children. We met just an hour before sunset at the Sunset Towers condominiums on Marco Island. We found great landscaping for the initial photographs of the children. The children were dressed in pleasant colors which worked well for the green grass that surrounded the condominiums. My goal for this Marco Island family portrait was making green landscape pictures then onto the beach. I photographed Annie, Matt, Sarah and Audrey together and individually. After our green landscape photos we walked to the pool area and took additional photographs there. We made our way to the beach and walked around the sea oats and beach grass before arriving to the beach. As I looked to the sky, it appeared we would have some nice sunset colors for this Marco Island family portrait. I photographed each of the children behind the sea oats individually. This area of Marco Island was very interesting. With the design of the street lamps, the area had the appearance of being in a city setting. Then they all sat together for a picture together. This was important because Annie was ready to leave home for university this fall.

marco island family portrait 001 brother and sisters in family portrait

Marco Island beach photography

After the pictures by the sea oats, the children agreed to walk in the surf together. So they took off their shoes and enjoyed picking up shells for pictures. Then the sunset was near the horizon. For over twenty years I have photographed Marco Island family portraits on the beach. So I knew there was limited time to finish this Marco Island family portrait session. The kids stood in silhouette for the final images. I also used artificial light to show the sun setting behind the kids. Well, they heard me say ‘one more’ and they knew this meant another ten minutes of photography 🙂 Shown here are some of my favorite photographs we made at this Marco Island family portrait session.

marco island family portrait 004 marco island family portrait 006 marco island family portrait 002

brother and sisters walk beach in family photography session
Family photo of children walking along Marco Island beach

marco island family portrait

marco island family portrait session

marco island family portrait

marco island family portrait