October 16, 2019

Marco Island Photographer

Frank Simonetti is a Marco Island Photographer for over 25 years. Providing creative wedding photography and joyful family photo sessions. Marco Island is south of Naples, with beautiful western exposure to the sun along the length of the island. The beach area is very open with clean sand leading into the Gulf of Mexico.

It is easy to create sunset pictures on this quiet island. There is beautiful landscaping that the resorts provide along Collier Boulevard. Taking pictures along this road is vibrant because of the vast green areas.

family photo on Marco Island
Family Photo Session on Marco Island Beach

Beach Photography on Marco Island

Marco Island is 55 miles from the South West Regional Airport in Fort Myers. It is just across Alligator Alley to the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Then travel south for 35 miles to the Miami Airport. On the island there are large chain grocery stores, so vacationing on Marco Island is comfortable for families.

For over twenty five years I have traveled to perform my work as Marco Island Photographer. I have seen this island grow and see the city government has great plans to keep the small community feel and appearance. The condo associations take great pride in their property, so photographing families can be done where the clients are staying. Also, there is a South Beach at the end of Collier Boulevard for public parking then a quick walk to the quiet end of the beach.