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Margaritaville Beach Resort Elopement

Tina and Cory chose Margaritaville Beach Resort for their elopement and honeymoon. The resort overlooks the beautiful Fort Myers Beach. The wedding ceremony was performed by Patricia Slater of Weddings by the Sea. We met in the lobby of the resort at 1pm. Then immediately started the photo session with the great wall decor that just spoke well of ‘Margaritaville’ as we all know it. Patricia brought the bride’s flowers, a bouquet of orchids.

Margaritaville Beach Resort Elopement
Bride with bouquet at Margaritaville Resort

Friendly guests walked by and gave ‘best wishes’ and congratulations to Tina and Cory. An important photo was with the sea turtle in the background, Tina told us she loves sea turtles! After the lobby photos, we walked towards the beach and captured pictures with green landscaping on the upper pool deck, just outside of the lobby.

Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach was directly hit by Hurricane Ian in September of 2022. Margaritaville Beach Resort was under construction at the time of the hurricane. The island is recovering, and in January 2024, this beach resort was at full capacity. We saw many guests and families enjoying the restaurants and fun bars on the property.

Tina and Cory chose a great time for their Margaritaville Beach Resort Elopement. They are from Minnesota, so the weather this day was wonderful for them.

Fort Myers Beach Elopement

From the hurricane damage, the famous Fort Myers Beach Fishing pier was destroyed. As a result, all that remains are the cement posts that held the pier. The Fishing Pier meant something special to Tina. Seventeen years ago, Tina came to Fort Myers Beach with her mom and aunt. Being near the remaining parts of the pier gave Tina a sense of closeness to her dad, mom and aunt. Tina and Cory found sentimental value in their choice for a Fort Myers Beach Elopement.

Elopement Ceremony on the Beach

We walked across San Carlos Boulevard to the beach. All along the way guests were giving their best wishes and congratulations to the wedding couple. Once on the beach, we made some beach pictures before the ceremony. We finished with pictures in just over an hour and the happy wedding couple walked back to the Margaritaville Beach Resort for their celebration dinner.

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach at Margaritaville Beach Resort
Fort Myers beach elopement
Elopement on Fort Myers Beach
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