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Maternity Photo Session

Maternity photography on Captiva Island

So, it started when I received an Instagram message from Hanan. He said they were looking for a maternity photo session. Hanan told me that he and his wife Annie were staying at the Tween Waters Inn over the weekend. They are from the east coast of Florida and were enjoying a weekend on Captiva Island.

pregnant mom
Maternity Photo Session on Captiva Island
Tween Waters Inn Resort

Pregnant with Twins Photo Session

Hanan said that they are expecting twins, and that Annie is now 22 weeks into the pregnancy. When I learned they were staying at the Tween Waters Resort, I knew we were setting up for a great photo session. Tween Waters has historic and colorful cabins in addition to abundant, tropical green landscaping.

Tween Waters Inn Resort

Tween Waters is totally recovered from any hurricane damage they might have sustained in September 2022. I traveled Captiva Island after the hurricane and saw very little damage to the Tween Waters Inn. And now–well the resort is just as charming as it was years ago when I started photography of weddings and family photo sessions there. I arrived 40 minutes early as I usually do for any photo session. I think it is very important that I search out the location for position of the sun, landscaping, and just to find my favorite backdrops for any photo session. You can view my other Captiva Island Photography on this link.

Meeting the Maternity Session Parents

After my tour around the Tween Waters Resort, I met the happy couple at the registration desk. They were enthusiastically smiling and ready for their photo session. We chatted for a few minutes, and I told them what my plan for the photo session was. As we started, I noticed Hanan and Annie needed very little direction for the photo session. Most of the time I watched and photographed the way they romantically looked and connected with each other! So, I would just say, ‘love it, do it again’.

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Maternity Photos

It was so easy! Hanan and Annie continued with enthusiasm for their photo session as they walked from each of the chosen maternity photo session scenes. Before I knew it, my camera spun through 800 plus images in our 50-minute photo session.

fun pregnancy photo session

Dinner at the Old Captiva House

Near sunset, we left the green tropical backdrops of the Tween Waters Resort and walked to the beach for more pictures. After the sunset photos, Hanan and Annie enjoyed dinner at the Old Captiva House, a well-known and historic dining room on Tween Waters Inn Resort.

Pregnancy photo session
Sunset on Captiva Island