Maternity Pregnancy Photos

woman poses on beach for maternity photo session

Claudia’s maternity and pregnancy photo shoot

woman poses for maternity photo on sanibel islandI had just photographed Claudia and her husband Chris along with their 2 year old son David. We made that photo session at the Casa Ybel Resort, where they were enjoying a weekend on Sanibel Island. The family session went just fine. Little David enjoyed running around in between the different backdrops we used at the Resort. With some coaching, he smiled and laughed in the variety of settings we created. After a while, I knew our time was running out as we tried to keep David interested in the pictures we were taking. Claudia had some additional ideas including pregnancy photos since she was in her second trimester with their second child. So we decided to set another time and day for the other images she wanted to design.

Maternity Photo session at the Sanibel Lighthouse

I had hoped for a low tide for this maternity pregnancy photos¬†session. I also hoped for a bright, sunny day with nice clouds in the sky. Well, the day was very cloudy with a high tide! After shooting a few images I realized how the weather was going to make this photo session a success. We walked around the beach and found some backdrops that worked wonderfully with the weather we were given. I have made family portraits on this beach for the past twenty years, so I knew the area well. Another plus with the inclement weather was the beach was mostly empty of visitors and tourists. It didn’t take long to¬†shoot the images Claudia hoped and planned for. Shown here are my favorite images we created.

preganancy portrait on Sanibel Island beach


pregnant woman on sanibel beachpregnant woman poses on sanibel beach

woman poses on beach for maternity photo session

pregnant woman on sanibel beach