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Naples Beach Elopement

Elopement at LaPlaya Beach Resort

Todd and Lissandra chose for their Naples elopement venue, the LaPlaya Beach Resort. Their Naples beach Elopement was on a beautiful late afternoon in July. The beach had small, sparkling waves and it certainly was not crowded. So, we met an hour before the ceremony for pre-ceremony photos.

Naples Elopement Venue

After some photos in front of the classic entrance to LaPlaya Resort, Lissandra and Todd were ready to get married. Dr. Jim arrived to perform the elopement ceremony. Dr. Jim Berger is a minister for a Fort Myers Church. In addition, he has been performing wedding and elopement ceremonies on the beach for nearly 20 years. Ok, we were now ready to walk to the beautiful Naples Beach, and Dr. Jim of course asked for the marriage license. So, Lissandra looked at Todd, because that was his only assigned task for the elopement planning. When Todd’s face expression appeared blank and with some fear, we all knew the license was missing!

Elopement venue at LaPlaya
elopement photography

Well, now what? We all looked at each other. However, not a big problem, after a few quick phone calls, Todd’s friend was on the way with the license! This was really great for their elopement photography session, because it gave us extra time for additional pre-ceremony pictures.

wedding couple at Naples Elopement
LaPlaya Beach Resort

Beach Elopement in Naples

The Naples beach in front of LaPlaya Resort was spectacular with clean white sand and gentle waves coming in from the Gulf. The resort faces west, so the sunlight for photography and sunsets is perfect. During the ceremony, an occasional Sanderling bird can be seen skipping along the edge of the incoming waves. I have photographed Elopements on Naples Beaches for over 25 years, see my Naples Photographer page for more information. After the ceremony, the newlyweds went into the LaPlaya for their celebration dinner.

Naples Beach Wedding
Naples Beach Elopement