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For over twenty-five years, I have created family photo sessions and beach weddings as a Naples Beach Photographer. On this post, you will see family photos and beach weddings. Certainly, Florida provides wonderful backgrounds and weather for memorable photographs.

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Naples Beach Wedding

Julie and Geoff arrived late in the afternoon for their beach wedding. Their parents also attended this intimate celebration on the Gulf of Mexico. Julie’s parents live in Naples and Geoff’s parents traveled from Santa Barbara California. The kids’, Abby, Nick, Tyler, Joe and Lauren all participated in the wedding ceremony.

The family vacationed in Naples for the week before the ceremony. As their Naples Beach Photographer, I suggested we met early for photographs at a home on 7th Avenue which was under construction. Julie asked for permission to enter the work area and we were able to create some great images with the beautiful architecture and landscaping. The family then walked 500 feet to the beach access walkway.

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family wedding!

Family Beach Wedding

We could see the arch at the ceremony site was already in place. The arch was decorated by Gene’s Fifth Avenue Florists, most notably with tulle and orchids. We made certain all the children knew their places as they would walk down the ‘beach aisle’. After the ceremony we caught some quick wedding photographs as the new family faced their parents/grandparents. Hugs, kisses and congratulations were given, and we then took some family photos.

Naples Family Photographer

Weddings provide an opportunity to make family photo sessions. Everyone is gathering and looking their best. So, prior to the wedding ceremony gives an opportunity to make a family photo session. The sidewalks of Naples around the Naples Wedding beach had great landscaping. If the family photo session starts in the green area, away from the bright sun, kids are happier. Thereafter, after the calm photo session with Florida palm trees, I take the family photo on the beach with the beautiful Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop.

Wedding Officiant

As a Naples Beach Photographer for over twenty-five years, this is a wedding officiant serving the Naples area that I would suggest for your ceremony. Therefore, you can get more information on Alissa’s elopement and wedding fees and ideas from visiting her Naples Wedding Officiant website.

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Intimate Naples Beach Wedding

 Julie and Geoff’s wedding was simple and beautiful with the ceremony arch just 50 feet from the water as it faced into the sunset. The parents left for the restaurant while we continued pictures. Julie wanted a holiday card photograph of the new family standing at the water’s edge in silhouette. We were successful with that photo as the sky was turning a warm color. After we completed photographs, the wedding party left for a celebration dinner at Alexander’s in Naples. Shown here are my favorite images that we created.

sunset wedding