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Photo Session on Marco Island

Family Photography on the Beach

Marco Island provides a great opportunity for family photo sessions on the beach. While on vacation, families can choose this time for a photo session to include grandparents and grandchildren. I encourage families to make the family photo session time around sunset because this provides a great and colorful backdrop when the sun is setting. A family photo session on Marco Island can include the great landscape that the island offers. For over 25 years, I have created Marco Island photography, including family photography sessions and weddings.

Photo session on Marco Island
Family Photos on Marco Island

Sunset Photo Sessions

I have photographed this family over the years. You can see their original family photo session on Marco Island at the homepage of my website. Each time we chose the photo session time to be just an hour or so before sunset. The sunset light provides a warm tone to the photographs.

Marco Island beach photo
For Mom’s Model Portfolio

During this last photo session, mom needed some pictures to update her modeling portfolio. So, the kids were patiently waiting with Dad and actually threw a football to pass time. Then mom joined in with the boys! The photo session was just an hour in length, and we created hundreds of images that allowed me to edit and choose the best for the final delivery of prints and JPEGs to the family.

family photography
Mom and boys playing football on the beach
beach photography on Marco Island
Photo for Mom’s Model Portfolio