Intimate wedding on Sanibel beach

romantic photo of bride and groom

Photography of a sunrise wedding

photography of a sunrise weddingThis was an intimate wedding on Sanibel Beach for this Minnesota couple was after seven years of being together. Ashley and Charles met me early for photography of their sunrise wedding. They said the “three” words after seven months into their relationship – yes I asked….:-)  We all met at 06:30 – yes, we were all smiling. There was a big cloud head over the area of sunrise, but it all worked to our advantage.  As in many of my intimate sunrise weddings on Sanibel Island, we started some photographs before the sunrise. You can see the sunrise in the first photograph, the sun rises over Fort Myers Beach.  Then there were pictures of the bride and groom sitting on the driftwood as the sun came through. The lighthouse was still signaling during this time. Usually the lighthouse on Sanibel Island stops flashing some 20 minutes after sunrise. This gives us time to make photographs with the lighthouse active in our photographs.

Author’s note, I updated this blog post because intimate sunrise weddings are such a good choice. The light was so warm from the sunrise it worked well with their joyful expressions. Also, the newlyweds had the remainder of the day to relax and enjoy the island. They could have a pleasant beach day and then prepare for their celebration dinner later in the day.

romantic picture of bride and groom

Ashley and Chase marry at the Sanibel Lighthouse!

As we walked to the final beach area where the intimate ceremony was planned, the bride and groom had time to pick up some sea shells along the way. Everyone knows that Sanibel Island has great shells for collecting! Frommer’s rated Sanibel Island beaches as the best in the world! The sea shells are important for the wedding ceremony, the shells are used for the sand ceremony. This is where sand is collected and placed into a nice vase as a keepsake for the bride and groom of their beach wedding ceremony. The beach wedding ceremony was performed by Patricia Slater of Sanibel Island. Here are my favorite images that we created on this beautiful morning intimate wedding on Sanibel beach…..

wedding ceremony at sunrise

wedding couple are photographed at sunrise

bride and groom with their rings

bride and groom kiss at Sanibel Lighthouse

bride and groom walk along Sanibel beach after wedding ceremony