Portrait Photography

Portrait Photographer

Nature has its own energy and Florida provides the setting for great Portrait Photography in Fort Myers, Sanibel and Marco Islands. Breathing the fresh air on the beach, waves crashing all around, makes you feel alive and relaxed at the same time. That’s what makes Florida perfect for beach portraits. Not only do they help to give you the inner glow of pure energy, they also provide a gorgeous backdrop for your images.

Ballet picture on Sanibel Island
Moments of Ballet during Family Photo session on Sanibel Island

brother and sister have fun at photo session
Brother and sister enjoy family photo on Sanibel Island vacation

Florida Beach Portraits

Some of my favorite places to shoot family portraits, couples portraits and high school senior portraits are Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Captiva, Marco Island and Naples Beach.

family photo on Fort Myers Beach
Family Photography on Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Photo Sessions

Many people on a Florida vacation choose nearby Fort Myers or Naples Beaches for their family portraits. Portraits in Fort Myers can be active and busy with crowds blurred in the background. They can also be serene and scenic, alone in nature, or anywhere in between. Fort Myers, Sanibel Island and Captiva beaches face west to catch a colorful sunset. If the sunset doesn’t go as we hope that day, I might switch to black and white or find some other magic to capture the rest of the shoot.

family photo on Captiva Island
Joyful family photography with natural light on Sanibel Island

The happy family portraits shown here are of families on vacation in Fort Myers or on Sanibel and Marco Islands in the winter months. Many grandparents spend the winter in the Fort Myers area and invite their children and grandchildren to visit during the holidays. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a gorgeous family portrait with three or sometimes four generations. We may choose the water as or background, or we might use the islands’ green landscape for an explosion of color. For additional information about portraits I create on the beaches of Fort Myers, please visit my Fort Myers photography page. There you will see various locations I have used for family portraits.

portrait photographer
Portrait Photography on Marco Island

Sanibel Island Portrait Photography

For my Sanibel and Captiva photography, the islands has gray driftwood and sea oats that give a texture and contrast to the bright beach. Many of my photography sessions on Sanibel Island are of families and romantic couples on vacation in the Fort Myers area. The pristine, shell-covered beaches of Sanibel and Captiva give kids something fun to do while I create portraits of other family members. For additional information, pictures of recent assignments and photo session details, please visit my portrait photography page. On that page you will see natural backgrounds the island offers for family pictures.

family photo at Sanibel Lighthouse
Family Photography on Captiva Island

Fees for Family Portrait Sessions

My session fee starts at three hundred fifty dollars (350 USD) which includes approximately 80 4×6 color prints and some 4×6 black & white prints of all that we create. When there are additional related families in the portrait  session, I charge an additional twenty five dollars per family. The fee provides more images of that added family. Reprints are available with choices of finishes including canvas and art board mounting.

I took the family portraits above on Sanibel Island near the Lighthouse. I photographed the parents’ wedding years ago and they returned to recapture the magic with their 15-year-old twins. The day wasn’t what we hoped for. The weather looked gloomy and we thought we’d have to cancel the shoot due to heavy rains. When I walked out onto the beach, the light was gentle and diffused. I was impressed with the deep gray colors. The rain discouraged other beachgoers, so we enjoyed having a private beach, all to ourselves!

Naples Beach Portrait Photography

I’ve photographed the family in the Naples beach photos below several times over the years. sometimes with their parents and children. We meet at their winter home and then walk to the beach on 6th Avenue with the Naples Pier in the background. 

portrait of girl on beach
High Senior portrait on Marco Island

Family photography on Marco Island

I created some joyful images at the Lowe family photo session Marco Island vacation in December 2018. We met at the Esplanade for a few photographs then traveled to South Collier Boulevard for the beach and sunset. Letting the kids go on the beach brought a beautiful, natural energy to the whole group.  To see more of this session, visit the portrait photography page. When you visit that page, you will see nature’s beautiful backdrops.

High School Senior portraits

The islands in the Fort Myers area also provide a beautiful site for High School Senior Portraits. It’s an exciting time: seniors are proud of who they’ve become and they’re almost ready to leave the nest. Parents will treasure this moment frozen in time for years to come. Vacation is the perfect chance for families to call and reserve a portrait session for their graduating seniors.