Sanibel beach family photography

dad and daughter at sanibel lighthouse

Family pictures on Sanibel Beach

We met late in the afternoon at the Lighthouse for this fun Sanibel beach family photography session. Fred and Genie are the grandparents of Lillian and Jake, they arrived from Chicago for their Sanibel vacation. The photo session was in celebration of Genie’s __ birthday! 🙂 Julie and Drew arrived with their children from Kansas City for their first vacation on Sanibel Island. We considered the children’s schedule and set the family photo session late in the afternoon. We started with Julie and Drew and kids photos first, then Fred and Genie jumped in behind the family. Then Lillian and Jake decided it was time to check out the water. Lillian kept a very tight grip on her little brother-see photo. 🙂  The children enjoyed watching the birds that were nearby. We then walked towards the Lighthouse for more scenes with the driftwood as a backdrop. While the grandparents watched the kids, I was able to take a few pictures of just Julie and Drew.



Sanibel beach family photography session

For over twenty years I have photographed Sanibel beach family photography sessions on the beach. It is so interesting to see how the beach and driftwood changes over time. What was a great backdrop a few years ago is now no longer there. However, something new seems to appear and it becomes a new experience to design this into the family photos. Drew and Julie’s family enjoyed our casual walk along the beach as we looked for scenes and ideas for their vacation pictures. The pictures we created are without filters or phony enhancements. The family photo session lasted about an hour, I am guessing Fred and Genie took the kids for ice cream after we finished. 🙂 Shown here are some of my favorite images we created of this Sanibel beach family photography session. Read about photographer/author.


Sanibel beach family photo Sanibel family photo session

Sanibel beach family photo
three generations family portrait on Sanibel Island

Sanibel family photo session

Sanibel family photo session

three generations of girls

sanibel beach family photography

sister with little brother on beach

Sanibel family photo session

dad and son photo on beach

Sanibel family photo session

children play in ocean
brother and sister pick up shells on Sanibel beach

three generations photo at beach

grandparents and kids photo