family of six daughters on beach portrait

Sanibel Beach Photography

fun photo of girls on beachSanibel Beach Photography

I first photographed the Light family of Georgia for their Sanibel beach photography session last year in August. I remember because the weather was typical for our summer time. The afternoon rain storm blew in just 35 minutes into their Sanibel beach photography session last year. This year Missy texted me just 2 hours before the family photo session we planned at the lighthouse. She asked if we were safe to proceed with the portrait session. Well, a storm just passed through at 3 pm so I wrote it was going to be great weather. At 7pm they all arrived to the lighthouse for their second Sanibel beach family photography session. The clouds were in the sky, now a second storm was coming from the south. We decided to go for it. We wanted to try and make as many pictures as possible before the rain began. Joining Missy and John were their daughters, Noel, Dovie, Elisabeth, Emma, Mary Hays, Lilah Mae and in November, Eloise. I captured individual Sanibel beach photography each of the girls. Missy is about five months pregnant, so there was a special photograph of her and the youngest daughter. We left our shoes on the beach and walked further along the seashore to some driftwood. We gathered everyone for another large group photo and snapped some fun images as well. We could see the rain clouds just a mile off the coast by the Lighthouse. The dark clouds were rolling in so the Lighthouse was now blinking continuously for the boaters in the area. Next we made a picture of just the girls and mom. The gray sky in the background contrasted nicely with the green leaves behind the driftwood. On days like this, the color saturation is wonderfully different than a day with bright sunshine.

Sanibel beach photography
Family photo with driftwood on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Photographer

woman portrait on beachFor over twenty years I have created Sanibel beach photography for families on this beautiful island. On this Friday, I watched the rain clouds blocking the view of Fort Myers Beach, so I knew it was just a few minutes before the rains would begin. Ok, I was off by a few minutes 🙂  The rain began and we ran! The girls ran down the beach to pick up their shoes, Missy and Mr. Light walked quickly on the road. We all met up at the parking lot. So this was our second Sanibel beach photography session with the same weather. On both photography sessions our total shoot time was just 35 minutes! I am pleased with the images we captured. I think if the sun was shining with nice weather, the images would not be as nice!


photo of daughter at family photo session

photo of girl on sanibel beach

photo of girl on beach

little girl photo on beach

portrait of girl on beach

family of six daughters photo on beach
Family photo on Sanibel Island with six children!

little girl portrait on beach

family photography

fun photo of girls on beach

family of six daughters on beach portrait
A beautiful family with six daughters at their Sanibel beach photography session