boy runs to parents sitting on the lawn

Sanibel Family Portrait

parents and baby have fun during photo shootFamily Portrait on Sanibel

Claudia and Chris called me for their family portrait on Sanibel Island. They were staying at the beautifully landscaped Casa Ybel Resort for the weekend. We scheduled an early afternoon photo session since their son David has a morning nap. Well, we started taking pictures and the cute little guy and his parents presented great smiles and ideas for the photo shoot. We started with David sitting in an Adirondack chair. Then mom and dad joined him. His smile and cooperation just got better and better as the session continued! Claudia brought some toys and things for us to use during the session. I saw Claudia bring out some little alphabet blocks, I thought it was for David to play with. I learned they were perfectly chosen to spell the name of the child Claudia was carrying, Isabella! We walked around the resort and found some other interesting backdrops that might keep David interested. His attitude for the pictures was amazing for a two year old! The day was cloudy but the colors were terrific and we didn’t have to worry about anyone squinting from the typical sun at the beach.

preganancy portrait on Sanibel Island beach
baby portraitMaternity Photo Session

A few days later we created a maternity photo shoot, more images soon can be seen at the blog post.

Sanibel Portraits

Joy and Love are the words I would use to describe this photo session. For over twenty years I have photographed portraits on Sanibel Island. The beaches have natural settings that families can sit and enjoy. The abundance of sea shells gives the family and children something to do during the picture session. Towards the end of the session I thought David might be getting tired of the ‘photographer’s’ directions. Then suddenly a bird appeared in the nearby tree. David quickly perked up and walked to the tree to sit and watch the bird. When the photo session was done, I told David, ‘oh, Mom and Dad are going to bring you to the ice cream store for being so good’. 🙂 Shown here are some of my favorite images we created.

 baby runs to parents during photo session parents and baby sit on lawn
son has fun with parents on vacation

parents laugh with son at photo session



baby portrait in chair

mom and son laughing
Sanibel Family Portrait