Sanibel Harbour Resort Wedding

wedding couple walk the beach

bride and groom in sunset photoGreat location…A Sanibel Harbour Resort Wedding!

Joanie and Kevin arrived from Boston with friends and family for their intimate wedding at the Sanibel Harbour Resort. I photographed Kevin and his family as they arrived to the lobby of the Sanibel Harbour Resort. After pictures, Kevin went out to the ceremony site on the beach. Joanie finished getting ready in her room with friends then arrived to the ceremony where Kevin met her half way up the aisle and they walked down together to Dr. Dan who performed a beautiful ceremony. The flowers for the wedding were created by Flower Shop of the Islands on Sanibel. Joanie’s flowers were put through a workout on this windy day. During the photo shown on the left, the flowers decided to go out with the waves…I quickly jumped after them and they were just perfect for the next sunset photos we made 🙂

Sanibel Harbour Resort in Fort Myers

When the ceremony was over, Joanie quickly got on the cell phone which was recording the wedding ceremony live on Skype for her sister who could not attend. Joanie and Kevin said hello and goodbye with some kisses blown in between. A few family photographs were next on the beach in front of towering palm trees. We walked along the pier for photos because it was all part of where Kevin and Joanie dated over the years they have been together. A limo arrived for us to go over the Sanibel bridge for more pictures at the Sanibel Lighthouse and then up island to a secluded beach where we had the most amazing waves and a vista of the setting sun. Joanie and Kevin drew a heart in the sand, but not too unexpectedly, it was washed away…so they did it again and enjoyed a lot of laughter doing it! After we were through with sunset photographs, the limo whisked the couple away for a quick change of clothes and then they joined their family and friends for a celebration dinner at the Resort. Shown here are some of my favorite images we created at this Sanibel Harbour Resort Wedding!

groom photo at sanibel harbour resort

bride getting ready

bride and gown getting ready wedding ceremony on beach wedding couple stand on pier at sanibel harbour resort

sanibel harbour resort wedding

wedding couple walk along pier at sanibel harbour resort

wedding photo on beach

wedding ceremony on beach

wedding family

wedding family photo

sanibel harbour resort wedding

wedding couple at sanibel lighthouse

wedding couple at sanibel harbour resort pool

wedding couple and limo

bride walks along the beach

wedding couple walk the beach

bride and groom draw heart in sand

wedding fun on the beach

bride and groom in sunset photo

bride and groom at sunset in silhouette