Sanibel Island family photography

photo of grandparents and granddaughter on sanibel beach

picture of girl on sanibel island beachFamily photo session

I have created Sanibel Island family photography for Rod and Kathy’s family for the past five years. We chose to create the images at the Sanibel Lighthouse. This year we had the newlyweds, Betsy and Dave as part of the photography session. They were married recently in Missouri. We met late in the afternoon hoping we would avoid the summer rains which seemed to be occurring later in the evening this month. In the past years, I have provided my Sanibel Island family photography during the Loomer’s stay at Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel Island. We all met in the parking lot at the Sanibel Fishing Pier. We started pictures with the Katelyn Rose, daughter of Manden and Doug. Katelyn Rose enjoyed looking at wild dandelions along the shore line. We got a few smiles early on in the photo session 🙂  Each of the families were also photographed individually. The Loomer Family walked along the beach for a little rest and collected sea shells. Then as we neared the lighthouse we found some additional backdrops for the whole family to be photographed. Katelyn Rose found a piece of driftwood that resembled a rocking horse. So we watched as she enjoyed playing on her new toy. But then she asked her Dad to join her and sit on the back of her ‘rocking horse’. Well, Dad sat on the back of the ‘horsey’ and cooperated with his daughters’ playtime!

Sanibel Island Family photography

For over twenty years I have provided Sanibel Island family photography for vacationers on this lovely island. I enjoy photographing at the lighthouse. Further up Sanibel Island are different beach resorts which provide great backdrops for family photos. When I was making the Sanibel Island family photography for the Loomer family in June, I knew there would be a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. We were fortunate that the storms bypassed the island by just a few miles. The sky had clouds which provided some shade from the hot sun while photographing the Loomer family. Shown here are some of my favorite images for this Sanibel Island family photography session of the Loomer family. Read more about Sanibel author/photographer

sanibel island family photography
Family photo of three generations at the Sanibel Lighthouse

sanibel beach family photographsanibel beach family photograph

sanibel island family photography
Joyful family photo of three generations on Sanibel beach

sanibel beach family photograph of little girl with flowers

sanibel island family photography with grandchild
Photo of grandparents and granddaughter on Sanibel beach

sanibel beach family photograph

sanibel beach family photograph near driftwood
mom and dad with daughter on sanibel island beach

dad and daughter play on driftwood on sanibel island beach