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Jason and Tracie’s Family on Holiday!

Well, it was seventeen years ago that I was the Sanibel photographer for this lovely couples’ wedding on Sanibel Island. Then some years later they had their first child-Caroline, so again I was delighted to be their Sanibel photographer for a family portrait on Sanibel beach. Then along comes Dillon, so the next family portrait included their two children. This year Cameron was old enough to enjoy being in front of the camera, so the family photo session was busy, chasing the children and photographing all their individual activities on the beach at their grandparents home. They live in New York City, so arriving to Sanibel in the winter is a delight. We started with individual children pictures around the garden area. Then a picture of Jason and Tracie and there was my competition, four year old Cammie taking a photograph 🙂 with her cell of her Mom and Dad! I waited while she showed her creativity to her parents then we continued and brought the children in to the colorful setting. The family took a five minute rest while I viewed some pictures of paintings by the children’s grandmother, Barbara. Her work is on display and judged in New York City art galleries.

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For over twenty years I have enjoyed my work as a Sanibel photographer, so I knew it was time that I walk around the beach house to view the setting sun and I determined we were about to have a great sunset! The kids and parents came to the beach and we continued our family photography session. Tracie wanted a fun photograph of the kids jumping in the air–it worked! Then the softer light appeared and we continued just watching and photographing what the children were doing before they went inside for dinner and to watch Sponge Bob 🙂 Shown here are my favorite images of Jason and Tracie’s family. Here are other family vacation images I have created as a Sanibel Photographer on the beaches of this beautiful island.

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