Wedding in Montana Mountains

bride and groom photo in garden


Wedding in Montana Mountains

bride's dog watches wedding gownI traveled to my first wedding in Montana mountains for Gina and Gene’s marriage. Family and friends arrived to Billings, a city with an elevation of just over 3,200 feet above sea level. The ceremony and reception was at the Dan Walt Gardens. This beautifully designed and maintained property is on the list of ‘top 10 places in Billings to visit’. It is well known for weddings in Montana Mountains. I quickly arrived and attended the rehearsal on Thursday. The weather was great for this Friday afternoon wedding and it showed in the pictures. We started with photographs a few hours before the ceremony. After the ceremony we created family photos for another 20 minutes which gave Gina and Gene time to be with their family and enjoy cocktails. Gina is originally from Massachusetts. Gene is from Mississippi. They were introduced through mutual acquaintances. Actually, the first time they met, Gene was sitting in a waiting room. Gina unknowingly walked into this room. Upon seeing Gene for this first time, she screamed and ran away! Gene is currently working in Billings as a mechanic. Gina is working as a CNA and currently back at school to become a Registered Nurse. Their best four legged friend is Meika, who was generously photographed on their wedding day 🙂 The little friend of Meika belongs to Gina’s brother, Scott. (sorry, I didn’t get the little guys’ name) 🙂

We walked around the gardens and captured the warm sunset light as it gently lit the flowers and saturated green landscape. When we completed photos, Gene and Gina joined their family and friends for a celebration dinner at the Gardens reception room. Just down the street from the reception, there was a gathering of balloonists who were inflating their nicely colored balloons for an excursion. After the wedding, guests were treated to a wonderful display of activity and color. Shown here are some of my favorite images we captured of this wedding in Montana mountains.

montana wedding casual photo of bride

groom at wedding

bride getting ready photobride and maids talk before wedding
wedding in montana mountains

family photo

bride and groom walk down aisle

bridal flowersbride and groom stand in the garden
bride and groom at garden wedding

 groom and his mom photo
wedding in montana mountains

groom kissing bride

bride and her dog

bride and groom together
balloons in montana

balloons in montana