little girl holds jar for sea shells

wedding vow renewal ceremony

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

husband and wife photoAubrey and Shaun arrived with their seven children to celebrate their ten years of marriage. The wedding vow renewal ceremony was in May with beautiful weather for the sunset ceremony. They were joined by Aubrey’s parents and Shaun’s mother for their week at a Captiva cottage. Patricia Slater of Weddings by the Sea performed the original wedding ten years. Frank Simonetti was the photographer of the original wedding ten years ago! Aubrey preserved her original silk wedding bouquet very well and carried for her vow renewal! A light rain began as we met for photographs late in the afternoon. So we took some photos in the cottage. The staircase was really neat for a photograph and the children enjoyed it. The rain stopped so we went outside to photograph the seven children. Shaun was also outside so that Aubrey would arrive and they would have a ‘first look’ in her gown for their wedding vow renewal ceremony. The dirt road we were on was great for photographs of the grandparents with the children.

Captiva Island Photography

For over twenty years I¬†photographed on Captiva so I knew it was a¬†quick walk down the road and we were at the beach ready for the ceremony. I was amazed at how relaxed the bride and groom were with their seven children ages two to 10. The children were very cooperative and the photo session was fun and easy. The fun part for the children was collecting shells and sand for the sand ceremony. The ‘littlest’ is photographed below holding the interesting container for this wedding vow renewal sand ceremony. This wedding ceremony photo session was such a delight, I put one of the funny children reaction to the wedding kiss on my wedding photography in Fort Myers page.


wedding couple with children
Children enjoy parent’s kiss at their vow renewal ceremony on Captiva Island

little girl holds jar for sea shells wedding vow renewal ceremony family gathers for ceremony

wedding vow renewal

Wedding Vow Renewal on Captiva Island

For over twenty years, I have photographed wedding vow renewals on Captiva and Fort Myers beaches. It was a big surprise to me that I photographed Aubrey and Shaun’s wedding ten years ago. I found out just as I began taking pictures at their vow renewal ceremony. It was a great photo session, I was so pleased with the children ‘all seven of them’ and how cooperative they were. Shown here are some of my favorite images we captured at their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

family photo session

family photo session

family photo session

family photo session

family photo at vow renewal ceremony

vow renewal photos on captiva island

ceremony on beach

children collect sand and shells on beach

vow ceremony on beach

children at parents vow renewal ceremony

family photo at vow renewal ceremony