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Captiva Photography of Shaffer Family

Shaffer family on Captiva
Captiva Island Family Portrait

Captiva Family Photography

Families arrive to Captiva Island to enjoy the quiet, natural effects of this island north of Sanibel Island. Pristine white-sand and gorgeous teal water. In January, we see palm trees swaying in the breeze. In addition, for my family photography sessions, the driftwood and natural greenery provides a rich contrast to the bright sand. Meanwhile, the warm ocean breeze drifts in, melting away tension and bringing a sense of happy bliss. So, this is the best opportunity for a family photo session.

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Captiva Island Beach Photography

For over twenty years I have photographed families on Captiva Island. In many instances, the families gathered for the holidays and desire to have a family photograph of everyone and then we continue to photograph individual family photography. Shown here are my favorite images of these Captiva family photographs of the Shaffer family and others…

Family Photo Sessions

The Shaffer family came from Chicago and Denver for their holiday week on Captiva Island. So we met late in the afternoon to create some Captiva Island photography of Shaffer family with sunset photographs. Firstly, I arrived to their rental home on Andy Rosse Lane. We then made some images in ‘downtown’ Captiva. In addition, i find the landscaping along this street is very lush and green for photo sessions. After we photographed the families and children individually, we then walked two minutes to the beach. During the photo session, the children had a great time picking up seashells.

Beach Portraits

Captiva Island has a great assortment of shells along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. Children enjoy picking up shells along the beach. While they were looking for shells, I continued photographing each family individually then the children with their grandparents. At sunset, we made a photograph of the whole family. So, here are a few of my favorite images that we created. Because of the island position, sunsets are beautiful on Captiva Island as it faces to the west. It is a charming little island north of Sanibel Island. There are numerous fun restaurants within walking distance of any home on Captiva Island.

fun family vacation photography
Fun beach family photo

family vacation photography
Schaffer Family Beach Picture on Captiva Island

Family Vacation Photos on Captiva Island

Sometimes grandchildren are visiting grandparents during their school vacation. So, this provides an opportunity for three and sometimes four generations for their Captiva family photography session. Some of the pictures on this page are of the Witting family, that I photographed several years ago. Meanwhile, we again met on Captiva Island and had fun for an hour or so to capture these images in September. In conclusion, South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island is a great family vacation destination. Many pictures shown here were taken at the resort.

Shaffer family photo at sunset
Schaffer Family at Sunset on Captiva Island