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Photography on North Captiva Island

For over twenty years I have enjoyed traveling by boat as a North Captiva Island Photographer. The boat ride from the Pineland Marina is a great way to get to this island. North Captiva Island is cozy and charming with everyone driving golf carts, no cars allowed! A few years ago, I photographed the Losi family on North Captiva Island.

family photo session on north Captiva Island
Photo Session on North Captiva Island

family photo session on North Captiva Island
North Captiva Island Photographer

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North Captiva Island harbor
Harbor at North Captiva Island

This year the Losi family decided to stay on North Captiva Island. They arrived by Island Girl Charters, which is the same boat taxi I use when photographing weddings and family photo sessions on North Captiva. The boat arrived at 3:30pm after thirty minutes of traveling the back bay of Pine Island. When I arrived, the kids were there in golf carts to take me to their vacation home just a mile away on a very photogenic golf cart path. Actually, anywhere you look on this island provides a great backdrop for photography.

Family Photo Sessions on North Captiva Island

We started our photo session at the home they stayed at. The natural bougainvillea and palm trees were perfect. The kids had a suggestion of a certain path on the island that had a wonderful palm covered look. Along the way the children talked about the boat their parents rented. They used it almost daily for fishing excursions to the west of North Captiva Island. They named fish they caught and grilled later in the evening for dinner. The last boat off the island was 5:30pm. Mr. Losi drove me in the golf cart to the boat dock with plenty of time to capture a few more golf cart pictures. My boat taxi back to Pineland Marina was a joy watching the seagulls and other boaters enjoying nature. Visit here for more island family photo sessions.

beach photo on North Captiva Island
Family photo session on North Captiva Island beach