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Islands Weddings and Family Photo Sessions

Sanibel and Captiva Islands provide a great opportunity for Beach family photo sessions and weddings. For over twenty-five years I have the joy as a Sanibel and Captiva wedding and family photographer. These islands are great for photography of family photo sessions and weddings. Captiva and Sanibel Islands are a perfect venue for your family photo session or wedding photography.

Photo of bride on Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island Destination Wedding

Weddings and Family Photos on the Beach

For weddings and family photo sessions, I will find best locations with beautiful landscape backgrounds. View this post of a Captiva Island wedding in December 2023, just one year after the hurricane. The properties at Tween Waters Inn and Chapel by the Sea are absolutely beautiful.

Sanibel and Captiva Wedding Photographer

So much of Sanibel and Captiva Island photography involves natural light. As a result, wedding couples plan their wedding venue on these coastal islands. Their wedding photographs shows bright colors and green landscapes. Sanibel and Captiva Islands are located off the coast of Fort Myers. When I arrived from the north many years ago, I was fascinated to photograph weddings without artificial light. For over 30 years, I have created Sanibel Island photography for weddings and family sessions using natural light as much as possible.

wedding couple sitting on Sanibel Island beach
Sanibel Island Elopement
family photography on Sanibel beach
Sanibel Island Photographer

North Captiva Island Photographer

View my North Captiva Photographer post from one of my many trips to North Captiva Island for weddings and family photo sessions. I enjoy the boat trip from Pine Island Marina to North Captiva Island. Many times, my client meets me at the North Captiva Marina, and we travel in their golf cart to our photo session location. I find the golf cart paths are very photogenic with the palm trees creating a beautiful canopy over the dirt path. Then off to the beach for fun pictures.

fun family photographer on Captiva Island
Fun photo session on Captiva Island

Islands Family Photographer

You will see the islands are so natural with pristine white-sand and gorgeous teal water. My Sanibel Island photography include palm trees swaying in the breeze arriving from the Gulf of Mexico. Dolphins frolicking in the shallows and great egrets against the pure blue of the sky. My family photo sessions include children playing in the sand and running along the seashore with their parents. Here is a link to a recent Sanibel Island family photography session.

The driftwood and natural greenery provide a rich contrast to the bright sand for family photo sessions. Usually, a warm ocean breeze drifts in, melting away tension and bringing a sense of happy bliss. This creates great family photo sessions!

Sanibel and Captiva Photographer
Ballet photo during family photo session on Captiva Island beach

Photographer on Sanibel and Captiva Islands

The charming Sanibel and Captiva Islands have spectacular natural landscapes. Above all, the islands have superb lighting for photography. Similarly, the islands are an ideal place for weddings, family photo sessions, or engagement photography.

The west-facing gulf beaches are the best places to capture sunset photography on these Islands. For instance, this is a great backdrop for a photo of a couple kissing. Also, there are nice family photo session opportunities as the sky turns warm orange at sunset.

Captiva Island Family Photo Sessions

Capturing your beach photography session is a special experience on either island. For instance, often I see people scooping up the most unusual shells that are scattered throughout the sand. Here is a recent family photography session on Captiva Island.

Similarly, the Sanibel Lighthouse on the southwest end can be a favorite place for sunrise photography. Further up island, the Chapel by the Sea on Captiva Island is a popular spot for island weddings with a minister. After that, you can get a sense of history as you tour the Chapel grounds. In addition, during the holidays, they put up a festive display of lights.

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Above all, it is important to find a wedding and family photographer who knows how to put you at ease. After that, the love that is in your relationships comes through in the photography. With an experienced photographer, you will see there is so much beauty that surrounds you on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Because of this, your photography should capture one precious moment in time. For instance, capturing joyful and colorful images shared between you and the people you love.

For over 25 years I have enjoyed my profession as a Sanibel and Captiva photographer. I am inspired to capture special moments for family photo sessions and weddings. For instance, look at the picture above of the wedding couple walking along Sanibel beach. They enjoyed the beautiful clouds and ocean surf for their family photos.