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Sanibel family Photography

Sanibel Family Photography Sessions

Families who vacation on Sanibel Island find it’s a great time for a family photo session. Usually, I see several generations come to visit during the holidays. This is possible because children have school vacation and visit their grandparents. I first photographed this happy family in 2011 on Sanibel Island. They asked for a beach location for their family photography session. This family photo session was so much fun! Many of the families that I photograph on Sanibel Island are time-share guests and visit each year. I enjoy creating family photo sessions, you can see additional images on my portrait page.

photo of teenage girl sitting in tree while reading a book
Sanibel Island Photography

Sanibel Island Lighthouse Photo Sessions

There are many resorts on the island which have great backdrops for family photography sessions. If you are not staying at a resort, no problem. I very much enjoy photography sessions at the Sanibel Lighthouse. Parking is easy, just remember to pay! Then we walk around this southeast end of Sanibel Island using the interesting backdrops the area provides.

One of the families on this page has a time-share at the Casa Ybel Resort. So we started at the front of the resort, which is the entrance to the Thistle Lodge Restaurant. Eventually, we walked to the beach area, just a few hundred feet away. The photographs show the Florida weather is very pleasant for family photo sessions.

Reserve me for your Sanibel Photography Session

Use my Fees/Reservation page to request a photo session for your Sanibel Island visit. You can download the details of my photo session fees in PDF form. With the reservation form, you can let me know your vacation schedule and where you are staying while on Sanibel Island.

Sisters at Sanibel lighthouse
Sisters at Sanibel Island beach

Family Photography Sessions on Sanibel Island

I photographed this family for their Sanibel photo session in 2010, now five years later, they have 2 additional grandchildren! Here are a few photographs from that portrait session. There is so much excitement for the grandparents when they are photographed with grandchildren. Sometimes the infants and babies are in a great mood and sometimes not. However, with time and patience everything works out so that we capture images that are pleasing.

Sanibel Island Portraits

For over twenty-five years I have created family photo sessions on the beaches of Sanibel Island. Sanibel Island has natural beaches with interesting wildlife. Most important are the sea turtle nests which are protected during the early summer months. Some of my clients choose to vacation on Captiva Island which is just north of Sanibel Island. Captiva Island is located just a few miles north of Sanibel by traveling on San Cap Road. For instance, along the way there are other locations that I choose for natural family photography. Certainly, these locations include Bowman’s Beach and Blind Pass. You can see other locations that I use for Sanibel Island family photo sessions on this page.

What to wear for your Island Family Portrait

My clients often ask me about what to wear for their family photos. I tell them what is most important is that they consider their personalities and dress accordingly. Generally, I prefer light colors which work well for the abundant green landscaping on Sanibel Island. I do hope that my clients wear clothes that are comfortable in when they might lay on the sand and walk along the beach. Certainly, just remember you are on a Florida beach not in the cold winter up north!

Natural Light Family Photography

With my many years as a Sanibel Island Photographer, I find the best natural light for the family photo sessions. Further, I certainly understand little children have difficulty with the bright Florida sun. By choosing the location and photo session time, the pictures will be a good balance of beautiful backgrounds and great expressions.

Family photo on Sanibel beach
Sunset Family Photography on Sanibel

Sanibel Beach Photographer

Shown here is a recent family photo session on Sanibel Island. I photographed this lovely family four years ago. The children are adorable and were so patient with their photo session! This family arrived by golf cart since they were staying just a mile away. We started with pictures of the children. Then, after some pictures with their parents, we walked to the beach to find a typical summer rainstorm in the background. The dark clouds made for a great picture with the Sanibel Lighthouse as a background.

family photo at Sanibel Lighthouse
Family photo at Sanibel Lighthouse