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Sanibel wedding elopement

When doing a search for best locations for an elopement, you will see many reviews by happy couples about their Sanibel wedding elopement. The Island provides a distinct atmosphere for intimate weddings for couples who want a quiet and enjoyable wedding and honeymoon.

beach elopement photographer on Sanibel Island
Island elopement

Couples Elope to Sanibel Island

Take a look at the pictures on this Sanibel Island elopements blog post. This was an energetic couple from Michigan who called Patricia Slater for their Sanibel wedding elopement. It was a fog filled early morning with the lighthouse still flashing in the dark when we all arrived and met for the first time. Their ceremony was set for New Year’s Eve and Patricia Slater of Weddings by the Sea planned and performed this Sanibel wedding elopement.

Sanibel Wedding Elopement
Beautiful beach weddings in Florida

Sanibel Beach Ceremony

It was still dark to take photos with natural light so we waited and planned where on this deserted beach we would have the actual ceremony. After that, we looked to the east and saw a lot of dark clouds, but there was an opening just on the horizon. As the sunrise began at 7:17am, there was nice color through the opening in the morning clouds. So, quickly I made the only images showing the sun with Magen and Richard.

Sanibel Wedding Elopement
Secluded beach wedding on Sanibel

Sanibel Wedding Elopement Packages

I believe that the Sanibel lighthouse is a great location for sunrise weddings as it faces to the east. For over twenty years I have photographed Sanibel wedding elopements with Patricia Slater. Patricia offers elopement packages to include flowers, dinner and photography. Sometimes we have seen sunrises that rivaled the popular sunsets on this popular vacation island.

elopement photo Sanibel Island
Elope on Sanibel Island

When the sun came through the clouds for Magen and Richards’ wedding, I knew we had some special light, and we were pleased with the results. Shown here are my favorite images we created of this Sanibel wedding elopement.

wedding couple sit on beach
Couple elope on secluded Sanibel Beach

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